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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
The Bahamas

I love God
I love his way and his word
I live by faith an not by sight
Favorite Food is anyhting potato , except potato salad
Favorite spiritual food- Psalms, Scriptures


Christians don't hate the people , we hate the sin, it causes needless hate, confusion and segregation, thus is the purpose of the devil's mission, to kill steal and destroy: families, nations and close relationships
( we arent doing the hating, others who hate being corrected look at us as the hateful ones)like a child would get angry at their parent because they wont give them all the sweets they want, But the parent ,Knowing better, knows that if they give the child to much the child will get sick (harmed) because of it
but you are right, we must love the lost, and not scorn them , many Christians forget this aspect and play like were all perfect and clean, we are no different than anyone except we have God's grace on our lives.

God's Truth Revealed to me( my enlightenment and Shattered dreams)

You will never find fulfillment in this world, being rebellious against God won't last. The things of this world will not last, you can get rich but in the end you will still leave this world without any of it. Even the very food you eat and the water you drink, leaves your body , whether you tinkle it out ,or poop. Even the very air you breath, it leaves when you fart. Nothing is forever, you give everything back to the earth, whatever you are striving to cling on to or be selfish with. ( God showed me this when he came into my life, I wanted to Join the free-masons or Illuminati whatever you call it, so i could make money and be famous ect. However, God showed me in his kindness , this world WILL pass away,
Satan doesn't care for you friends, please listen to God he is our father he loves us , he wants us to come to him, he will satisfy you
I no longer thirst for this world, instead God revealed to me what is good true and fulfilling.
PLEASE LISTEN THIS WORLD WANTS TO KILL YOU IT WILL DEMAND AND DEMAND AND DEMAND AND DEMAND . look at celebrities how they overwork themselves to satisfy their fans and it goes nowhere. And when they are old and have no more kick, the world forget them. And when they die, their music, TV show, clothes or whatever they sold their soul for is not remembered and everyone looks to the new "hip" thing . because the things of the flesh is temporary.

Chapter 2 Now What

God gets rid of self-esteem, lust ,greed, hate, envy, all of the things that people struggle with that lead to suicide, drug abuse, cutting yourself, peer- pressure, addictions to lust, masturbation, evil imaginations sleeping around( womanizing), heartlessness everything.
just ask him and seek him
IT'S NOT A JOURNEY OF YEARS, I sought God for 3 days ( and once a day i asked God for his holy spirit once a day, ) Thats it!!!!! no complicated prayers or anything
I read from Genesis, I had no idea what i was looking for and i was trembling in fear every day until he gave me peace. His spirit bore witness with my spirit and he comforted me and loved me. He will give you proof of his existence to you, he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will. You wont's have to go into the mountains or a cave for years and learn some acient secret truth
please listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he will he will he will he will he will he will
he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will he will

Chapter 3 My new life compared to the last

Jesus is the best thing ever , it's not blind faith , you will have an experience
unlike any other,
I Got saved February 4th 2015, its now 2016 and i still am going on for the lord, look at my gallery, i drew demonic worldly things and was filed with pride , not knowing i was lost as ever in need of a savior, but God changed me, he set me free form the shackles of trying to impress others and please myself. I chased vain temporary pleasures that only made me feel worse of myself, i had a hole in my life and i looked to the world to fulfill my desires but they couldn't come close( and all i wanted was to feel good about myself without abusing my body ,thats it!!!!! ), positive psychology,money,riches(latest games, phones) pornography, the best orchestra that'll send chills down your spine( the good ones) ,friend's approval, girl's approval. IT didn't matter how muscular and strong i looked from going to the gym, these things couldn't give me life and make me feel worth something. No matter how much i was admired by others, they liked my image and not the real me. Dust cannot exalt dust.

Chapter 4 My old life

L All these things left me with was sorrow and the anxiety of loosing it all so i would chase after people to get my self worth. I acted as someone else so i could be. I listed to the wrong music and took it for truth,.The philosophers in my day were( MMG, YMCMB, Ed Sheeran, Wocka Floka flame, LOrde, Of monsters and men, just to name a few.) i thought loosing my virginity would have me fit in with others and be free and cool( thank God i didn't). I thought it was normal to kill people, be in a gang, to be cheated on( and to have more than one girlfriend), because according to my knowledge "The hoe's weren't Loyal" lately .And I thought money was the only way to keep a woman around. I thought everyone talked behind my back so i would be mad at family and friends for no reason.I had all of these false truths from the poor souls who trusted satan.
it had me messed up, . I began to hang around friends i didn't care about and didn't mind loosing. I would distance myself form my family members and would try not to love them so when they die i wont feel hurt. For example, When they would want to buy me something or do something nice for me i would refuse it and act mean, wanting them to hate me so i would not miss them or have them miss me.

Chapter 5 My old life Cont.

with my thrist for the world i looked at Christianity as a buffer, i thought of it as people who didn't make anything of themselves, who tried to get the world but failed. And now they use God a s a buffser saying " God is in control no matter what" while they would walk around in shoes, filled with holes and barley had anything to eat. They also said the popular ccliche " money cant buy happiness" and " Jesus is all that you need". In short, i though Christians were losers who boasted in God because that all they had,. I thought to myself, They served an almighty God who created the world yet they have to wait in lines send in resumes like everyone else. Like Gideon i thought" If God is here where be all the miracles" or in my case where be all the money .So avoided God and his cause so i could get a slice of the "good life".knowing if i served God i would have to give to the poor, and live lowly and live normally like everyone else. I planned on coming to God wen i had enough money to put in the offering pan

Chapter 6 How the word of God free me

All these chains and weights i had on me, Jesus released me,and one thing's for sure I'm NEVER going back to that life. How'd God free me from lies, addictions, bad friends? By his truth
God will lead into good paths that will keep you from these things and if you experience this( if you meet an adulterous woman, backstabbing friends ect.) , his truth will protect you and he will comfort you so you wouldn't have, contemplate how to get revenge, sell your soul, kill yourself, cut yourself or try to change the perfect being you are because someone who didn't serve you could'nt take care of you. The truth will set you free, once you're in Christ.
The world was made by him, he established justice and righteousness, meaning when you do wrong, you will be recompensed . His way of justice will be executed. Simple right?

Just remember that God will do all the recompensing, and you will see their reward
When you have Jesus nothing elses matters Seriously!!!!!. This coming form the idiot who called believers losers
IT makes sooooooo much sense , i dont want this world, i dont want the approval, i don't want the riches the glory. Why? it all temporary. Anyone remembers a show calle, " I love Lucy?" anyone knows who is Bob hunt? and the generation to come won't remember Michael JAckson, Heavy-d, Biggie, ect. neither will the other generations to come. They worked their lives for fame and now it's gone along with them. Thats why the bible says that heaven and earth passeth away but my word will never pass away. 2000+ years Jesus is still the front page. Scientists, Philosophers, Skeptics ect are still trying to disprove him, movies are still being made( false ones ) but you get the picture, God will matter in the end. I look to God for my reward, his are everlasting and true and it is mine forever.
Want an example, The promise Jesus made to the prostitute who anointed him

"Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her."

Jesus didn't promise her fame and recognition, but looking here it is evident that only what is done for Christ will last. Even now i'm talking about it!!!!

Chapter 7 MY New Life

My confidence is in God, after i saw his glory( and he will show it to all who seek him, It's a feeling you NEVER experienced) i glory in him knowing that i can't but he can. It's like having that ...."thing" your proud of and can show it off and that thing makes you proud and strong. God gave me truth and now i wanna talk to others, i wanna love, I understand when he said he'll give you a heart of flesh in place for your heart of stone. i wanna give to others. I'm making a book and i don't even care if i never get paid for it!!!.

And last but not least, i learned that Jesus is alive and he is coming back, like his word said, so now i labor for him so others not only could escape hell and destruction but to know him, he gives Joy peace and love, he gives truth and you literally dont have to worry about for future. You dont have to worry about " who to give the best years of your life to " since no one wants to wait on marriage. like i was pondering needlessly. I don't worry about the clothes that i wear or passing this entrance exam, my life is in his hands ad all the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth

div align="center">


All who read this please know that there is a God, I didn't go to church and was fed information and forcefully believed. I sought him for myself , experienced him for myself and am trusting him. God says in his word to try him, seek him and if he doesn't respond then God's a liar , I'm still in my sins and my faith and the faith of all is in vain
If you are an atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Rastafarian or someone who requires proof
he will reveal himself to you he will, please know he will

Please listen , he loves you, he isnt all about rules and hell fire( hell was made for his angels, it was expanded when we began to reject him, read it in his word or google it, seriously,), if you look in the bible God is all about celebration and good clean pleasure, look at the world, he made beaches, singing birds, marriage,food, the stars, games , MUSIC, God made all of these things

ASk him to come into your heart , and admit to him that you are a sinner, and he will move right away. Seek him, by this i mean read his word he will give your proof

If you don't like reading This lady sums what i'm saying in a neat rap its less than 2 minutes

If you read this send me a note if you wanna talk

Great references and you can interact with the model as well

Put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if your
---██--- not embarrassed
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you\'re a Christian

-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------Love & Believe
-------††††-------In God

----[]--- Put this
----[]--- on your
----[]--- DeviantART page
[][][][][] if your
----[]--- not embarrassed
----[]--- to tell
----[]--- others that
----[]--- your a
----[]--- Christian

:: Christian but not insane by Lizzie-Doodle : Christian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolar Not ashamed to be Christian by sugarpoultry APH Prussia tackle hug by MiaowKat Adultery by Madame-Kikue I Love God's Word - Stamp by StarrySky116


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